Hill Street Family Resource Centre 

Family Fun Day 

25th Anniversary  ‘Looking to the Future’ 

Welcome to Hill Street Resource Centre

Hill Street Family Resource Centre is an Intercultural Family Centre based in Dublin’s North East Inner City. We provide a safe space for all families and offer coordinated supports and programmes that are inclusive, responsive, and easily accessible for families in our community. We welcome families from all cultures, ethnicities and socio-economic backgrounds, however they are constituted.

We provide supports, programs, classes, and services delivered individually or in groups as well as referral pathways to other services in the community. We work with individual and family strengths to encourage personal growth, wellness, and positive change and aim to inspire, challenge and innovate to improve outcomes for all families.

We do this by:

  • Providing a safe and welcoming place for all
  • Empowering families to enhance their wellness
  • Providing meaningful and educational programmes that meet the current needs of our families
  • Bringing families together to find community
  • Being a source of trusted information
  • Working in an integrated way with other organisations and services in our area for better outcomes for all families
  • Involving our families in shaping future policy through their participation in relevant research

Hill Street Family Resource Centre is a community development organisation that believes in fostering a sense of social responsibility within our community

“We are more than a collection of programmes, classes, events and services, a Facebook page, or an Instagram account. We are a group of passionate and skilled individuals who connect with children and families every day, bringing commitment, life experience, and an inclusive approach. We are a Family Resource Centre, one of 121 in Ireland. We bring hope, compassion, and laughter every day to our work, and feel so privileged to be able to work with our families”

Eileen Smith, Hill Street FRC Manager

For Children

We believe that strong, healthy families are the heartbeat of our community, and that all children deserve to be connected to meaningful recreation, leisure, art and play opportunities.

Our Afterschool Programme is for children aged 4-6 years of age and provides a programme that supports children in staying healthy, both physically and mentally. This is done with a curriculum of outdoor play, art and indoor play activities, which support their ongoing healthy growth and development.

For Parents

Hill Street Family Resource Centre is pleased to offer a diverse range of Parent and Child/Baby groups for Parents of young children aged 0-3.

We provide a welcoming space where parents, caregivers, and children can participate in fun activities, connect with other families, learn about the different family supports in our community, and get advice from early childhood educators at all stages of early development.

As part of our Parenting Supports, Hill Street Family Resource Centre is pleased to offer a variety of Parent Support & Education programmes and workshops throughout the year. These are delivered in a group setting or on a one-to-one basis.

In Hill Street FRC we believe that parents are the experts on their own children, but that sometimes they too need guidance and support to feel empowered – so that they can continue to grow and learn with their children in a community that fosters strong relationships, good health and wellbeing.

Hillstreet Family Resource Centre

At the Heart of the Community


What Our Service Users Say About Us …

Parenting Course Testimonial

I had the pleasure of attending the circle of security parenting course in Hill Street FRC, It was a very useful course, It helped me to better understand my children needs, and to read the hidden signs they send me all the day expressing their real needs , and gave me a better connection with them. It’s an amazing course and I would recommend it early enough when your children are still newborns, and thanks for Hill street for their usual support along the way and for organising such a course.



After School Testimonial

My child attended the Afterschool groups in Hill Street FRC, she enjoyed each and every session. She went to the Wednesday group, she loved meeting up with her friends and learning new things, about different cultures and most of all she loved that when she got there her old friends from pre-school were there. She was most excited and she had a special bond with the leaders. The team at Hillstreet is amazing with the children, they are caring experienced and are all about the children’s wellbeing, and I would recommend them to all.. as the best thing my daughter says ‘it’s all about having FUN’ 



Preparation for Preschool Testimonial

I highly recommend Hill Street Family Resource Centre for Preparation for Preschool Programme. The staff are absolutely amazing and I was confident that my daughter and all the children there were treated to the top standard. Especially during separation time, staff have been very personable and caring for the children and handled their cries extremely well. They’ve been very supportive of the parents too and I personally felt the competence of the staff in that regard.

Thanks again for all the amazing work that you do!