Halloween 2016 Party Memories

Our 2016 Halloween party took place on the October 27th and was a lot of fun and a huge success! Over 70 parents with 110 children attended and enjoyed our festivities.





Halloween’s origins come from Samhain – an old Celtic tradition of saying goodbye to the old year and welcoming the new. On that special night the veil between the worlds is very thin so people thought they could communicate with their ancestors and the spirit world. So on the day of our party we combined this traditional celebration with the usual Halloween fun and games.



Our harvest table displayed typical Samhain items – seasonal vegetables, fruit and brooms (too sweep away the old year).  We also had Ancestral Tree where people could hang wishes to their loved ones on the other side and potions bags for good luck, health, happiness and prosperity.



Everyone came dressed up in amazing costumes and were able to take photos in our Halloween Photo Booth. The Children enjoyed face painting and balloon animals, created seasonal arts & crafts and played in our gymboree gym.



We served a colourful and tasty menu of food prepared by both the centre and parents. Eyeball – Jell-O shots were the real star of the day !


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