Our Community

An inter-cultural community based in Dublin’s North East Inner City

Our Community

Hill Street’s work is rooted in community engagement, in responding to the needs of the community, in our case the families who live in the local area. We work from a model of progressive universalism which simply put is support for all and more support for those who need it. We work collaboratively on behalf of our children and families, providing the best possible services to meet their needs. Hill Street FRC believes that friendships and social networks are important both for children and their families, because they help them feel part of the community.

Making connections with other families can help families feel welcome and that they belong and can lead to building long-term friendships and community supports. In Hill Street FRC we respect and value children and parent’s individual differences and celebrate ethnic and cultural diversity.  Hill Street’s programme consists of Parenting Programmes, Parenting Supports, Adult, Child and Family Counselling, Parent and Child Groups, Afterschool clubs, Preparation for Preschool, Community Education, Supports and Celebrations.

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