Family Groups and Support


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New Families Registration

A time for new families to meet with the staffs. Learn about our programme and complete the registration process.

Friday          11.15-12.45       Age 0-6 years


Understanding the Importance

of Play

These groups provide an ideal environment for parents to engage and play alongside your child. It is a time for you to meet with other parents and children, make friends and share your experiences. Group leaders are present to offer support and advice in relation to your child’s development and parenting concerns.

Contribution of €2.00 per family.

Monday         09.15 – 10.45           Children aged 1 – 2 years

Thursday       11.15 – 12.45           Children aged 0 – 3 years

Friday           09.15 – 10.45          Children aged 2 – 3 years




Children’s Activity Group

Afterschool activities with a focus on child development for preschool and primary school children aged 3.5 – 6 years. Activities include: play time with a wide variety of age appropriate toys, arts and crafts, stories and songs, music and movement, outdoor play, fun and games.

Contribution of €2.00 per family.

Monday         14.15-16.30           Children aged 4.5 – 6 years

Tuesday        14.15-16.30           Children aged 3.5- 4.5 years

Thursday     14.15-16.30           Children aged 3.5 – 6 years

Preparing For Preschool

These sessions are designed to prepare your child for starting preschool. The aim of the programme is to support the gradual development of your child’s independence skills, their social interactions, their language and communication skills. Parents attend with their child from September to December. Parents are not required to stay with their child from January to June.

Children ages 2 years 3 months to 3 years 3 monthsContribution of €2.00 per family.

Tuesday 09.15-11.15  
Wednesday 09.15- 11.15  




Parent and Baby Group

This is a group for parents/carers to deepen your understanding of your baby’s development and to support you to discover your baby’s unique amaing abilities and includes Baby Self Weigh.

Contribution of €2.00 per family.

Wednesday               11.15-12.45         Age 0-1 years


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Restorative Parenting Programme


This is an 8-week course for parents, designed to help strengthen their parenting skills.  It covers a range of parenting topics including communications and dealing with behavioral issues. Limited childcare available. Advance booking required. Starting 26th September

Over the course of the 8 weeks you will learn how to:

·        Build your child’s self-esteem
·        Build a positive relationship between you and your child
·        Avoid the criticism trap
·        Praise and encourage your child
·        Know the difference between bribes and rewards
·        Support your child socially, emotionally and academically
·        Teach your child about family responsibilities
·        Give more effective direction
·        Be consistent and follow through

Pre-booking essential

Thursday 9.15 – 11.00 €3.00 per session                       €6.00 with childcare


One on One Parenting Support

Parenting support is offered to families individually through joint parent and child work. The joint parent and child work focuses on enhancing the relationship through play activities in the Centre’s Family Support Room or in the home.

Agency referral only


 Registration Information

New families are always welcome to register for groups and classes by calling into the centre between Monday and Friday 9am to 5pm, or contacting us by phone or email (details below).

Enquiries and Registration for any of the Family Groups please contact  Alison,Grace or Raluca
Phone: 01 874 6810


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